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ClearFilings offers services of GST Registration Chennai. Goods & Services Tax (GST) apply to all Indian service providers (including freelancers), traders and manufacturers, once their supply turnover crosses Rs. 20 lakh. The GST is an all-in-one tax that State and Central Taxes. GST is to be charged at every step of the supply chain, with complete set-off benefits available. The procedure for GST is completely online and requires no manual intervention. There will also be a composition scheme under GST for businesses with a supply turnover of less than Rs. 50 lakh. GST is applicable to Entities in special category states with an annual turnover of Rs.10 lakhs and above. There are three type of taxes SGST ( State Goods and Service Tax), CGST ( Central Goods and Service Tax ), IGST ( Integrated Goods and Service Tax ). In case the applicable entities to GST registration, if not get the GST registration, penalty proceeding will be imitated by the department. We are giving services to cusomer for GST Registration in Chennai at best affordable price


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Composition Scheme

The GST Act provides various benefits for small entrepreneurs to do the business in peace of mind.The Act will be applicable whoever having the turnover of below Rs.150 Lakhs

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GST input Tax Credit, GST input on Capital Goods, GST input tax Credit Reversal

Input Tax Distributor

Input Service Distributor shortly called as ISD under the GST Act. A Input Service Distributor is received the invoices from the branches on the services rendered to the branches of the organization.

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GST Registration procedure, GST Registration process, GST Registraion in Tamilnadu

Zero Rate Taxes

If a registered dealer supplies to export ( both goods or service ) or supply of SEZ is considered as Zero Rated Tax under the Goods & Service Tax (GST). There is no tax applicable on the supply

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Threshold Limit

The GST Council has decided the threshold limit for GST Registration . The category has divided normal & special under GST Act. The normal Category threshold limit is exceed Rs.40 Lakhs

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Procedure to GST Registration Chennai

For all those who have a liability to register themselves, if fails to do the same than under section 75A of the finance act 1994 penalty for the failure of an assessed to get himself registered was fixed at Rs. 500/- as a onetime payment but subsequently this section was deleted by the virtue of the finance act 2004 and now the general penalty that is applicable is Rs. 1000/- as per section 77 of Finance act.

Who do GST Registration in Chennai?

For all those who have a liability to register themselves, if fails to do the same than under section 75A of the finance act 1994 penalty for the failure of an assessed to get himself registered was fixed at Rs. 500/- as a onetime payment but subsequently this section was deleted by the virtue of the finance act 2004 and now the general penalty that is applicable is Rs. 1000/- as per section 77 of Finance act.



  • PAN
  • Rental Agreement
  • Bank Statement
  • EB receipt
  • Resolution Copy in case of Company


  • PAN
  • Voter ID / Passport/ Driving License / Aadhar Number
  • Photo – 2 Nos
  • Documents to be attested


  • ST-2 will be issued by the department.




Collection of Sales & Purchases before 8 of succeeding month




Preparation of Statement to arrive tax




Submission of Return after getting the approval and payment of Tax




Acknowledgment of Tax Filing send to Customer for GSTR 1 & 3B


Business Plan


₹ 300/-

  • ✓ Nil Return
  • ✓GSTR 1
  • ✓ GSTR 3B


₹ 499/-

    • ✓ 15 Invoices
    • ✓ GSTR 1
    • ✓ GSTR 3B


₹ 1000/-

  • ✓ 50 Invoices
  • ✓ GSTR 1
  • ✓ GSTR 3B

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST?
GST is Goods and Service Tax which is a indirect tax is replaced many indirect taxes in India. The Act came to effect on 1st July 2017. Under the GST is only tax for entire nation.
Is GST applicable for business of vegetable commission agent?
The service provided by a commission agent for a sale or purchase of agricultural product are exempt under the GST, there no registration is required to obtained.
Is exporter required to raise invoice or bill of supply to customer?
Export of material is a zero rated supply under the GST. since the material is not exempted to tax is required to raise invoice to the customer.
If an association is collecting monthly subscription of Rs.less than 5000 p.m per member but the aggregate turnover is more than Rs.20 lakhs whether GSt is applicable. Whether GST applicable on sinking fund, corpus fund and recovery of piplelined gas charges from residents on the basis of meter readings?
Under GST regime, even if the reimbursement of charges upto Rs. 5000 are exempt under GST, but still the exempted supplies will be covered for calculating the aggregate turnover. Thus, registration under GST will be required and the reimbursement upto Rs. 5000 shall be exempt under GST. Further, if the charges are collected in the capacity of pure agent, then no GST shall be leviable, otherwise, GST shall be payable in this case.
Can we utilise previous month ITC of reverse charge to discharge the liability of current month under reverse charge?
For the payment of taxes under reverse charge, ITC cannot be claimed. Thus, reverse charge liability is required to be deposited through electronic cash ledger only. Further, the amount of taxes paid under reverse charge can be utilized to pay the output tax liability of the next month under normal charge.
Is composition dealer liable to pay Reverse charge in addition to fixed percentage of normal GST that he has to pay ?
If reverse charge is applicable on a particular supply then the composition dealer has to pay GST under reverse charge as a recipient of supply at normal GST rates as applicable.
If a person only deals in exempted product having their own brand then does it require registration?
If a person only deals in exempted supplies and no taxable supplies then no registration is required to be obtained.
What if a person sells his pre-owned car of Rs. 25 lacs to a dealer of second hand cars, will he be covered under casual taxable person and does he needs to deposit the tax?
The sale of car will be treated as supply under GST and accordingly registration is required. If you are not engaged in any other supplies, then you can take registration as a casual taxable person. The registration of casual taxable person will be valid for the period of 90 days only.
In GST only the Radio taxi or passenger transport services provided through electronic commerce operator are under RCM. So what about Rent-a-cab services provided by a person other than electronic commerce operator? What is GST rate and HSN code?
If e-commerce is not involved in the transportation of passenger service, then reverse charge is not applicable in this case and the supplier i.e. the person who is supplying the renting of cab service is required to pay GST accordingly. Further, GST rate in case of Renting of motorcab is 5% with no ITC is applicable.
Do I need a Chartered Accountant to register my company?
Yes, a chartered accountant is important for a company registration, as it provides general accounting, internal auditing, accounting, outsourcing, income tax advisors, tax planning, etc.
Can a government servant, start his/her own company?
It is a strict No, a government employee cannot run a business or do a part time job and for that matter anything except the designated work in the government.
How do support GST Registration in Chennai ?
ClearFilings is supporting GST Registration in Chennai by online and offline. ClearFilings expert closely touch with customer until the GST registration approved. GST Registration in chennai got approved with in 3 days

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