Memorandum of Association (MOA) changes can be effected by making special resolution at the shareholders meeting. Professional care to be taken for MoA changes in companies as it’s a complex and extensive procedure.Name of the Company can be changed by altering in MOA by passing a resolution. There is no requirement of approval for changing name for Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company. Other than name changes, would be required approval from Central Government. Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA) have a power to cancel the name in case of resemblance to a name of an existing company and may ask to change the name of company, Ordinary resolution is adequate for this.A company can be changed registered office from State to State by passing special resolution has to be approved and same to approved by the company Law Board. The altered MoA has to filed with existing states and shifted state. The changes usually consider for doing the business more Professionally and economically and develop its operation in the current location or to merge with other business or person.